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Shanghai Ceramics Association was founded on Dec. 5th, 2003. It covers most of enterprises, universities, research institutes, and consultant institutions around Shanghai area ...
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·2014 Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics T...
· SICCAS(Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,CAS)
· Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Receiving a Delegation from Pingxiang of Jiangxi Province
On October 25th, the secretary general of Shanghai Ceramic Society (SCS) Ms. Gu Zhonghua and the council member of SCS Mr. Li Yonghong received the delegation from Pingxiang ceramic industrial base in Jiangxi province and discussed with them. During their visitation Ms. Gu introduced the development history of SCS and the recent status...
Dynamic Industry  
·Promote friendship, propel cooperation [17/09/13]
·2017 Shanghai International Industrial Ceramic Exhibition concluded success... [17/09/13]
·The 28th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition held in ... [17/09/13]
·SCA holds 2017 annual working conference [17/09/13]
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·Scientists probe into ultrafine nano material particle rotation [14/06/19]
·Development and industrialization progress achieved in China on the key tec... [14/06/19]
·China became a production base on the global touch screen [14/06/19]
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